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Fantasy & Horror Awards Interview




FRINGE – “The Wait”

Fringe 4.03 Alone in the World – Promo

Anna presenting at Emmy Awards 2011

Fringe 3.21 The last Sam Weiss – ratings up again

#FRINGE up a tenth to a 1.3 in 18-49 adults. Yay!!!!! 1.5 or bust for the finale. Let’s do it


Jeff Pinkner tells Fringe finale spoiler

That noise you hear is the sound of me frantically updating TVLine’s May Sweeps Scorecard with this breaking development: A Fringecharacter is headed to the alternate universe known as heaven in the May 6 finale.

“Somebody who we all love deeply will die,” revealed executive producer Jeff Pinkner in a conference call to reporters on Thursday. Added fellow EP J.H. Wyman: “Fringe always does things the way you don’t expect, so it’s going to be effective, and it will be self-explanatory. Thats sort of all we can say without spoiling anything.”

Elaborating on next month’s climax, Pinkner said, “Hopefully it will be wholly unexpected and it will recontextualize the story of Season 3 in a really cool way, and be fun and entertaining and mind-blowing.”

One thing the season-ender will not feature is the introduction of a long-rumored third universe. “We are not introducing a third world,” Pinkner maintained. “We still have plenty of story to tell just in those two worlds. Maybe at some pont in the future there will be a third word, but not yet.”


J H Wyman tweets about Fringe 3.19 “LSD”

SaixMC SaixMC @ @JWFRINGE Hi! you can give us some surprise the episode 3×19??? 😉

@SaixMC In no way can you expect what’s coming. That’s all I can say. ; )