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Fringe Viewership Climbs in Second Episode Since Winter Hiatus

The HD Room reports that the viewership climbed a little bit but the rating was the same like last week.

Fox’s Fringe managed to add some viewers in the second episode since the show’s return from a winter hiatus. The more important 18-49 ratings that advertisers count on, however, remained the same from the previous episode.

Last night’s new episode of Fringe titled ‘Enemy of My Enemy’ brought in 3.185 million viewers to watch Peter and the Fringe Division battle wits with a deadly new foe that threatens to rip universes apart. Last week’s episode, ‘Back to Where You’ve Never Been,’ had 2.888 million viewers.

The 18-49 ratings still remain dismally low at a 1.1. The longer that number remains there, the greater the odds Warner Bros. and Fox will pull the plug on Fringe at the end of this season. The jury is still out on that decision.

The next new episode of Fringe titled ‘Forced Perspective’ will premiere this upcoming Friday, January 27 on Fox.


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