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‘Fringe’ Awesome Quotes: ‘Back to Where You’ve Never Been’

Buddy TV has made a top 10 of the best quotes from last Friday’s episode.

On the winter premier of Fringe, Peter and Lincoln cross over to the other side in order to enlist Walternate’s help sending Peter back to his own timeline because Walter refuses to help him. After getting captured and escaping custody, Peter stops by his mother’s house where he is arrested again and brought directly to Walternate. Walternate agrees to help Peter on the condition that Peter crosses back over and tells them that he (Walternate) is not the enemy. In a fast paced ending, it is revealed that Alt Broyles may be a mole working with David Robert Jones and an Observer informs Olivia there is no way around her upcoming death. Here are the top 10 quotes from “Back to Where You’ve Never Been.”


Peter: It’s all very complicated, but I have people there that I care about very, very deeply and I have to get back to them.
– As much as I want Peter and his Olivia reunited, I wonder if the Olivia from the current timeline has the potential to grow to accept Peter in the same way that the past Olivia did.
Alt Olivia: So, the guy scales the bus and then jumps thirty feet off its roof.
Alt Lincoln: That’s what the witness reports said. He gets a 9.5 for the attempt but he failed to stick the landing.
– I love the banter between Alt Olivia and Alt Lincoln; it gives us a chance to see Olivia a little more relaxed and fun.
Olivia: Walternate is an untrustworthy s.o.a. who is responsible for sending shape shifters to our universe, so what makes you think that he’ll help you?
Peter: I really don’t have any other choice.
– Luckily for Peter, Walternate was open to helping him. Or was Walternate only serving his own self-interest?
Lincoln: What the hell is this?
Alt Lincoln: This is where we’re holding you.
Lincoln: It’s a maintenance closet.
Alt Lincoln: That’s very astute. No wonder you’re a detective.
Alt Olivia: … This isn’t the last windowless room you’re going to find yourself in.
– More scenes with Lincoln and Alt Lincoln in them need to happen. Seth Gabel does a great job handling comedy opposite himself.
Peter (to Lincoln): I’m impressed. You have quite a knack for deception.
– I wish the writers would explore Peter’s background before he joined the Fringe team, especially since we’ve been given hints at his deceptive and criminal past.
Peter: Walter?
Walter: Waffle machine isn’t working properly, Peter, so instead
Peter: You’re talking to me. I don’t understand.
Walter: Chocolate chip and banana pancakes. What could be clearer?
– Though this dialogue should have alerted us to this scene being a dream sequence, could it also be foreshadowing a move back to the way things were?
Alt Lincoln: So, clearly in the other universe, I’m a nut job.
– Alt Lincoln had some of the best lines in this episode.
Walternate: Not everything is as it seems.
– How to sum up Fringe in one statement.
Walter: The water was still running in the sink. She must have come to her decision while she was washing the dishes. I knew almost immediately, even before I found the body. The car’s engine was still running. There was no note. There didn’t need to be. We had just lost our only child. I should have mourned with her, been there, but instead I let her grieve alone so I could focus on finding a way to the alternate universe to save someone else’s child. My actions caused the death of my wife, unspeakable damages to two universes. I lost my career and my sanity, all because I tried to help another Peter. I may be the only man that can help you, but I’m also the only man that cannot.
– This heartfelt monologue from Walter was a perfect embodiment of his broken but loving character.
Observer (to Olivia): I came to tell you, I have looked at all the possible futures and in every one the result is the same. You have to die.
– What? Where did this come from? Hopefully this means we will get more focus on Olivia in the next several episodes because she was seemingly minimal in this one.

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