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Fringe Bosses answer your burning Questions

Who says Fringe is fading? If your questions are any indication, intrigue about this mind-bending series is at an all-time high. And while I couldn’t get to all the great questions you sent in for Fringe EPs Jeff Pinkner and Joel Wyman, here’s a glimpse at what they had to say!

When will we know more about whether Fringe will have another season? – Princess D
Official word won’t come for a while. (Series get officially renewed and axed in May at Network Upfronts, but early word has trickled down prior to that event.) And while Wyman said they had been given “an objective, ratings-wise,” which the show has met, “you never know with these things.” “The truth is, we just tell the story we want,” he says. “Also, we’re huge fans of television and have invested many hours in shows — you’ve either been let down or loved the ending … We have a couple of ideas on how, if the worst thing ever happens, we would be able to leave the fans in a way we’d feel comfortable and something, as fans of TV, we’d appreciate.”

We’ve seen this new timeline where both Peters died as children. Could we ever glimpse another timeline where they both survived and grew up? I’d love to see Josh given the chance to play an alternate. — Larissa
Sorry, but you likely won’t get that chance. But there’s a good reason, explains Pinkner. “We can definitively say no. Peter is our point-of-view character in so far is that he is aware that there was another time line that existed before he was pulled out of it. And now he’s planted into a history where he died. But there is not another Peter out there somewhere.” Wyman adds: “It comes back to choices. We have an embarrassment of riches because we have so many choices we could investigate. Right now, the one where Peter didn’t exist is sort of best for us to contrast what we all know.”

How come Peter took this whole wrong time line thing so easily? Last season, Olivia nearly died trying to get home, but Peter is all like, “Meh, whatever. Here’s some new glasses, Lincoln.” — Joe Blake
Interesting assessment, Joe. I’m not sure I feel the same, and here’s why: Many of us have been missing the people and relationships from the old timeline, correct? Well, according to Pinkner and Wyman, the season was designed to “put [the viewers] in the position of Peter” and “to make them want to get home and back to what was left behind.” “That was part of the plan,” says Wyman. “The major theme this season is that life is valuable and so are the connections you make – who you give your heart to and who makes you a better person. And how do you make them a better person. What impact do you have on their lives and them on yours?” So if you’re not feeling it quite yet, my guess is it’s only a matter of time. Also, am I the only cornball who loved the glasses moment? (Yes, probably.)

More from these two next week prior to the return of Fringe on Jan. 13!




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