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Anna presenting at Emmy Awards 2011


Fringe Stars Say Peter Is the Season’s Big Mystery

It’s a very good day for Fringe fans. After hours weeks of contemplating last season’s finale, Fringe returns and we went to series stars John Noble and Anna Torv for the answers to all our big questions.

The biggest one of all: Will Peter (Joshua Jackson) be back?

The answer of course is: Yes!

John Noble who plays both Walter Bishops, keep following us here, says: “I can answer the question that Josh Jackson will be back, that’s what everyone wants to know. We’ve done some really beautiful work so far this season.” Beautiful work you say, John? That is music to our sci-fi loving ears.

After last season’s finale, and the 10 minutes we spent staring at our televisions wondering what the heck just happened, our biggest concern was for Peter Bishop. Where is he? What happened to him? How do we exist in a world that has no Peter Bishop? Do we even want to? OK we admit it, we had a lot of concerns. Fear not. Torv explains, “Peter is the mystery this season.”

The good news is, we may be down one Peter, but we do get a double dose of our favorite awesome agent, Olivia. Torv says: “Well, what I was super excited about, and we’ve done a few little bits and pieces, is seeing my two characters interacting with each other.” And do they ever.

How is Walter handling his new Peter-less life? Not well. Not well at all. Noble tells us: “He’s mad. Seriously, because he doesn’t have anyone to love him. He’s mad.” Sad panda. We think Walter needs a hug and a milkshake and of course Peter back pronto. Sadly, without Peter, Walter doesn’t even want to leave the lab.

Noble says, “Eventually he has to sneak out for a reason or two, but no, he doesn’t want to leave the lab. He’s scared of everything, poor old fella—and bad-tempered.” We can only hope Peter comes back soon, the merged universes can bridge the gap and save humanity. And did we say we hope Peter comes back soon?

Fringe 4.02 One Night in October – Promo

Fringe Season 4 Premiere Ratings Up Slightly From Last Season’s Finale

Fox’s sci-fi drama Fringestarring Anna Torv, John Noble and Joshua Jackson returned for its fourth season last night and drew ratings up slightly from last season’s finale. Unfortunately, that finale’s ratings were down from the majority of episodes preceding it.

Fringe drew 3.5 million total viewers in the season 4 premiere episode ‘Neither Here Nor There.’ In the 18-49 demographic most important to advertisers, it drew a 1.5. Last season’s finale numbers were 3.3 and 1.2, respectively.



Fringe 4.02 One Night in October – Sneak Peek

How Does ‘Fringe’ Star Anna Torv Go Girly?

We’re already pretty jealous of Fringe star Anna Torv, namely because she works alongside the dreamy Joshua Jackson on her hit FOX show. But thanks to stellar stylists and a love of fashion, the Aussie starlet also slips effortlessly between her character’s tough style, her easy everyday wear and girly red-carpet gowns. “On the show, as Olivia, I wear a uniform — primarily a suit, jacket and boots,” she tells PEOPLE. “Anytime I can slip into my own clothes, it’s such a treat, as I prefer going casual whenever possible.” But bigger deals, like Sunday’s Emmy Awards, are the days she looks forward to most. “An opportunity to go glam, with a high-fashion dress, hair and makeup?” she asks. “Come on, who wouldn’t love that?!”


For the Emmys, the actress donned a Vera Wang gown and bright blue heels. And she was sure to stay on a tight prep schedule, too. “I ate [that] morning and then got my nails done,” she shares. “And about noon we started hair and makeup, and then put the dress on and made sure everything was right. We were in the car at 2:30 p.m.”

Considering the effort that goes into getting a girl glam for an awards show — have you seen the Rachel Zoe Project? — Torv was pretty impressed with her timing. “Two-and-a-half hours?” she asks. “I don’t think that’s too much.”



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