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Emmy reactions

TV Overmind:

Anna Torv, also from Fringe, was snubbed for Best Actress as well, which is a shame considering the depth she brought to her roles. Plural. She played multiple, very different, incarnations of Olivia Dunham throughout the season, and never once did her role swapping feel gimmicky. She was the standout actress of the fall season, in my opinion, and while she was a long shot, it’s a shame that her co-star Joshua Jackson didn’t get the opportunity to announce her name.

Accidental Sexiness:

Oh Emmy Gods, where is the love for Fringe? Anna Torv mopped the floor with just about everyone this year and I can’t say enough about John Noble & Josh Jackson, who happened to be announcing the nominees this morning. And Jasika Nicole! Lance Reddick! These people are all playing TWO CHARACTERS. They should get double nominations right? I mean come on…not one? Emmy you are a fickle wench indeed. Maybe that weird globe you are always holding is getting too heavy for you.


The Daily Beast:

Let’s be honest: the Emmy voters don’t often like genre shows, and HBO’s worthy Game of Thrones seemed to steal the spotlight from Fox’s emotionally resonant science-fiction drama Fringe, which plunges into the mysteries of the universe and those of the human heart with equal gravitas. The show’s third season provided some of its most heady plot twists yet: alternate-universe doppelgangers, Doomsday devices, and dystopian divergent futures, yet also some of its most realized in terms of character development, pushing its core cast into tighter and tighter emotional hoops this year. Despite the fact that Joshua Jackson was on hand to announce the nominations, there was no love for his Fringe co-stars Anna Torv or John Noble.


Michael Ausiello:

I’m Super-Pissed About: The absence of Fringe‘s Anna Torv and John Noble.


TV Worth Watching:

Drama actresses that should be crying foul: Anna Torv, snubbed for her tricky double role in Fringe.


New York Times:

 Among the deserving actresses blocked this year, I feel the worst for Anna Torv, who was a revelation playing two roles last season on “Fringe.”


TV Guide:

Fringe: We optimistically thought having Jackson co-announce the nominations was a sign of good news for his Fox series, but alas, it was overlooked in all major categories. How many different versions of their characters do John Noble and Anna Torv have to play to get recognized?


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