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Fringe in Ask Matt – May 9

Question: To say that I loved the season finale of Fringe would be an understatement. It was amazing! And I know I will be thinking about it all summer long, so I applaud the fantastic writers of this show. What did you think? — Rachel

Matt Roush: I thought what most of the readers of this column probably imagine I thought: Wow! As an hour of emotionally engaging and suspensefully perplexing entertainment, I thought it was a terrific way to end the show’s very best season to date. (And so, it seems, did those who’ve weighed in so far in my mailbox.) Time paradox storylines are always tricky, and risk annoying fans who may see it as a tool to paint the writers out of sticky corners. And I admit, when I hear mumbo-jumbo like Future Walter telling Future Peter, “I can’t change what happens because it’s already happened, but you can make a different choice within what happened,” I’m like, “OK, if you say so.” I was shocked when Walternate shot Olivia in the head point-blank, and thrilled at the leap the show took by bridging the two worlds together in the present so the two Walters and the two Olivias come face to face. When Peter vanished mid-pep talk, I did an “uh-oh” followed by a (probably universal) WTFrak when the Observers announced that Peter never existed. That might have been one too many cosmic twists to suit me, but I am enjoying this Fringe ride more than ever, and I’m not about to caution these writers to ease up on the mad fun.



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