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‘Fringe’ Season 3 – The 15 Best Moments

Fringe season three has provided for one of the best seasons of the series so far. The premiere episode itself was one of the best episodes of the season. Moving forward, what may have been a handful of incredible case-centric episodes in the first half of the season, turned into an even more mind blowing second half set in two universes, Olivia’s (Anna Torv) sub-consciousness, and even the future. So in an effort to reminisce over this fantastic season while we wait for season four, here’s a list of the best moments from the season – in no specific order.

15. Fringe is Set 15 Years Into the Future – Episode 3.22 “The Day We Died
The season three finale took viewers 15 years into the future, revealing new positions for those in the Fringe Division, Olivia’s shocking death, and tons more. In the end, all that Peter (Joshua Jackson) experienced in the future led to him “serving his purpose,” as the Observer (Michael Cerveris) put it and being erased out of existence. The future set up for an incredible cliffhanger in the present!

14. The Liking of Those On The Other Side – Episode 3.20 “6:02 AM EST”
After the way that Walternate (John Noble) treated Faxulivia during her pregnancy and after Lincoln Lee (Seth Gabel) and Charlie (Kirk Acevedo) discovered the secrets that Walternate was keeping, rooting for those on the other side became acceptable. This episode emotionally connected us to the other side more than it ever has before and definitely changed the mind set from “Our world had better survive” to truly asking “Is there a way that both worlds can survive in peace?”

13. Fringe Turns Into A Cartoon – Episode 3.19 “Lysergic Acid Diethylamide”
LSD aiding in Peter and Walter’s journey into Olivia’s sub-consciousness made for quite a wild, action packed adventure. LSD turning Olivia’s sub-consciousness into a cartoon made for an exciting and fresh perspective into Olivia’s fears, zombies and all. What a fantastic element to incorporate into the show!

12. William Bell Possess Olivia – Episodes 16 -19
Anna Torv taking on William Bell’s accent, mannerisms, etc… over a period of episodes was one of the most fascinating moments for Torv as an actress on Fringe. In interviews, Torv expressed her initial hesitation taking on this challenge, but she knocked it out of the park and was consistent and seemed comfortable in every single scene.

11. Peter Glimmers – Episode 3.14 “6B”
The case that the Fringe Division solves in this episode actually leads to a very exciting revelation! Through the powers that Walter gave her as a child, Olivia finds out that Peter is from the Other Side. What makes this moment even better is that it takes place at the end of episode, leaving viewers to wonder how Olivia will confront Walter about this secret that he has been hiding, as well as if and how she will confront Peter. Great revelation, even greater response from Olivia.

10. Peter was Killing the Shape Shifters! – Episode – 3.11 “Reciprocity”
The mystery continues as to who killed the shape shifters in 3.11. Probably one of the most shocking revelations of the season at this point is that it was indeed Peter who is responsible for the death of the shape shifters. This says a lot about his character, mind set, and what he is willing to do to bring an end to situations. Seeing what Peter is capable of should scare some viewers, even now, after the season finale.

9. “Give me the keys and save the girl.” – Episode 3.10 “Firefly”
The Observer explains the domino effect Walter’s actions caused that resulted in the death of band member, Roscoe Joyce’s son and just may result in the demise of Peter if he doesn’t save another. Everything that goes in this episode is one big test for Walter to see just how strong he is when it comes to sacrificing his own son. As we saw near the finale, Walter succeeded when it came down to the real moment. Without what happened here in 3.10, things may have turned out differently.

8. Olivia Breaks Down – Episode 3.09 “Marionette”
After finding out that Peter slept with Fauxlivia, Olivia breaks down in her apartment…attempting to remove all signs of Fauxlivia in her apartment. Later, Astrid attempts to reassure Olivia that Peter sincerely thought he was with her and not Fauxlivia. But by the end of the episode, all of the convincing in the world cannot shake Olivia’s frustrtaion with Peter not knowing that Fauxlivia wasn’t her. It’s quite an emotional episode for Olivia and quite an emotional run for Anna Torv. Torv was brilliant in this episode. Some even say Emmy worthy.

7. Peter finds out that Olivia is actually Fauxlivia – Episode 3.08 “Entrada”
When Peter is lying in bed with what he believes to believe Olivia, only to get a call from a stranger who just met his Olivia, the showdown between Fauxlivia and Peter begins. This showdown provided for some of the most thrilling moments of the season so far and will never be forgotten, laptops, guns, and all. This episode as a whole will not be forgotten. The return of Olivia and death of Alternate Broyles also made for incredible moments here. This was hands down one of the best episodes of the season.

6. Broyles gets Candy Man Closure – Episode 3.07 “The Abducted”
This episode provided for an abundant amount of backstory and character development from Broyles. Viewers saw Broyles like never before…as a family man whose son was kidnapped only to be returned blind. The Fringe division was very sensitive to how emotionally connected Broyles was to this case, but in the end, Broyles shot down the serial killer and the Fringe Division closed another case successfully.

5. The Return of Charlie – Episode 3.03 “The Plateau”
Even with Charlie’s death on our side and Acevedo’s alleged firing in season two, they couldn’t keep him from the Fringe Division for long! Kirk Acevedo’s return to Fringe was perhaps one of the best casting news this entire season. Even though he may not have been used as much as some viewers hoped, his role as Charlie was very welcome no matter the screen time.

4. And the new CEO is… – Episode 3.02 “The Box”
After William Bell’s death, Walter was left some very important information in a safety deposit box…information that revealed Walter Bishop as the sole shareholder of Massive Dynamic! It only seemed fitting for Bell to leave the company to Bishop after all the two went through, so to see this come to fruition was very satisfying.

3. Who Am I? – Episode 3.01 “Olivia”
In the season premiere, viewers find Olivia on the other side, with everyone trying to convince her that she indeed their Olivia. Though Olivia knows that her mother died when Olivia was young, she never won an Olympic medal, and other moments in Olivia’s life do not match up with who they claim she is. So her escape from the hospital comes as no surprise, nor does her forcing the help of cab driver, Henry (Andre Royo) who turns out be a major help to her throughout the season. The journey that Olivia is taken on provides for one thrilling, adventurous, and unforgettable season three premiere!

2. The Guest Stars
From Christopher Lloyd in “Firefly” and Paula Malcomson in “Stowaway” to more minor and still equally exciting characters like Jorge Garcia in “Os,” this season has been jam packed with amazing guest stars who seem to have effortlessly and wonderfully mixed into the world of Fringe. Who was your favorite guest star this season?

1. Olivia and Peter’s Relationship Evolves
The chemistry between Olivia and Peter has been very strong since season one and finally, their relationship has evolved romantically…allowing viewers to make up all of the nicknames they want for the couple. It has been a very bumpy ride for the two, but one that survives to the end even in the future. For that, this is one of the most anticipated story lines of season four.



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