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Eleven Top Reasons to Watch Fringe

1. The Cast

Blair Brown (Nina Sharp,) Lance Reddick (agent Phillip Broyles,) Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, John Noble, Jasika Nicloe (agent Farnsworth)


2. Anna Torv

FBI agent Olivia Dunham, a focused, dedicated law enforcement agent, who has to come to grips with the strange goings on in the Fringe world.

3. Faux-livia

Agent Dunham from the parallel universe. Just trust me that this makes sense somehow. It’s hard to believe that Torv could look any hotter, but this more relaxed, and less intense version of Olivia is very sexy indeed.

4. John Noble

This Australian born actor plays the quirky, enigmatic Dr. Walter Bishop, who helps the FBI by trying to reach back into his past for experimental work that can shed some light on the strange phenomenon. He was institutionalized after the lab accident, and has sometimes doesn’t have a good grip on reality. Somehow, he manages to recreate some of his old experiments to help solve the Fringe mysteries. Noble is one of the best parts of the show. He will often ingest mind altering drugs of his own concoction to “enhance” his creativity.

5. Walternate

While Dr. Bishop in our world is a slightly “mad” scientist working with the FBI, his counterpart in the “other” universe is the Secretary of Defense and oversees their “Fringe” division. He is powerful, decisive, and controlling, the opposite of Dr. Bishop.

6. Joshua Jackson

He plays Peter Bishop, Walter’s son, and has a significant relationship to the alternate universe. He is also brilliant, speaking several languages, but dropped out of M.I.T., and had fallen in with some shady characters. Since joining the Fringe team as an “advisor,” he mostly looks after Walter, and his shady connections have been helpful in bypassing government channels to get help from hackers, and black market types when needed. His involvement with both Fauxlivia and agent Dunham makes for a rather unique love triangle.

7. Leonard Nimoy

He portrays Dr. William Bell, Dr. Bishop’s old partner in the government experiments. He went on to found Massive Dynamics, a huge multibillion dollar corporation who has taken advantage of the work of Bishop and Bell. The feds occasionally turn to Massive Dynamics and their vast array of resources to augment the investigations. MD is run by Nina Sharp, Bell’s former aide, confidant, and subsequently mistress.

8. The Fringe alphabet

Every time the show goes to commercial break, one of these “glyphs” appears, which spell out a code word during each episode.

9. Fringe Food

There are references to food in every episode. Walter likes eating, even when surrounded by gross and dismembered bodies in the lab.

10. The lab

Bishop regains his old lab at Harvard, where some of his original experiments took place. All the cadavers and other gross things are brought there for Dr. Bishop to work on. Also, there are some imersion tanks and other electronics used to investigate the phenomenon.

11. The Observers

They also make cameos in most of the episodes. They are some kind of aliens that can communicate telepathically. They don’t seem to interfere, hence the name “Observers.” They have been spotted at many important events in history, and seemed very interested that events occur as they are meant to, very reminiscent of the recent movie, “The Adjustment Bureau.”

In addition, there are other entities in the show…..Gene, the cow

This animal appears in many episodes of Fringe. Walter explains that the similarity in genetics makes her a useful tools when unable to use human subject. Bishop also likes to drink her unpasteurized milk.

In the past

The show travels back to the eighties for several key events involving Dr. Bishop, Peter, and Olivia.

Fringe Division

In the alternate universe, which the show travels to in seasons two and three, the Fringe Division is a very powerful entity in charge of monitoring and containing the dangerous “singularities” that occur in that world.



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