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A vision of the future on Fringe

The last two episodes of “Fringe” have been… disorienting to say the least.

When last we left Peter Bishop, he had stepped into the mysterious machine which sent him to what appeared to be the future. But which universe’s future was it?

On Friday night’s season finale, we were able to piece together that it is our future, and that Peter’s actions destroyed the alternate universe, but not before Walternate could cross over.

We saw that Peter’s wife, Olivia is in charge of Fringe Division (and in control of her powers), Walter had to be released from jail in order to stop Walternate’s plans to get revenge on our world, and Broyles is now a senator.

As for the promised death of a major cast member, you could have knocked me over with a feather when Walternate walked up to Olivia in the future, and shot her in the head. Her funeral was moving, especially when the American flag draped over her coffin was handed over to her niece, who now works for Fringe Division.

Walter was able to figure out how to save both worlds, but Peter would have to make a different choice than the one he had, to stay in this universe.

Whether he was actually sent back in time, or whether he had seen a vision, is up for debate, but Peter did make a new choice while inside the machine… a choice which created a bridge between both universes. Walter came face to face with Walternate, and Olivia met Fauxlivia once more.

As for Peter, no sooner could he explain what had happened than he just… vanished. The Observers explained that he was not just gone, but forgotten, having served his purpose.

Where does that leave us for season four? Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until September (when, hopefully, the ratings will improve).

It was an extraordinary end to an extraordinary season.



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