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Fringe Finale Sets the Bar High for Next Season

Friday’s season finale of Fringe left fans with a cliffhanger that will keep them buzzing till it returns this fall. Rightly so. The finale answered a lot of questions, but asked even more.

The episode, which largely took place in the future, saw Peter, Olivia and the rest living in a dying world. Peter, while still in the machine, jumped forward to 2025, to a world that has lived with the effects of this season’s actions.

It seems that by Walternate’s starting the machine in the alternate universe, he destroyed it, and is stuck on this side bound for revenge for the loss of all he knew and loved.

In the future, the world is slowly dying and Peter and Olivia are married, yet childless. Walter has been in prison for decades for starting the events which led to the building of the machine in the first place. Rachel, Olivia’s niece is now a Fringe agent, and Asrid is a field agent as well.

Walternate, hell bent on destroying this side, has created a device which will open a wormhole that has been encased in amber. Opening the wormhole would effectively end life on Earth, which is his goal.

Peter needs Walter to figure out how to stop Walternate, and succeeds in getting him released from prison. It is so endearing to watch Walter enjoy many of the things he has missed while incarcerated, like Twizzlers. No doubt, John Noble should garner an EMMY for his brilliant portrayal of Walter/Walternate in all his glorious incarnations.

Leave it to Walter to finally figure out how the device works, but not before W alternate opens the wormhole.

Peter finally returns to 2011 following the future death of Olivia, and reveals he has the answers to all of this seasons questions. Suddenly, Walternate, Fauxlivia, and the other Astrid appear in the room with their counterparts from this side. He reveals that “The First People” themselves, who took the machne’s parts back in time. Peter says they must work together to solve the problems they have all had a part in creating. Peter then disappears.

In the final scene, at a gathering of Watchers, one says to another “You were right, they don’t remember Peter.” His companion responds, “He served his purpose. He never existed.”

Does this mean Peter is gone forever? If Peter never existed, is there no baby Henry? Can Olivia and Fauxlivia work together without clawing each others eyes out? If Peter never existed, did Walter never open the first portal to the alternate universe? Finally, who will remember his existence first?

Fox has done a fabulous job this season with Fringe, and left fans with gaping mouths which will remain agape till September’s return. If you missed this Season of Fringe, it can be seen on



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