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MTV GeeK: Season Finales we’re looking forward to

When It’s Saying Bye-Bye: Friday, May 6th
What’s The Big Deal? To call Fringe’s third season epic is probably an understatement. From musical episodes, to animated Inception take-offs, to Anna Torv being invaded by the spirit of Leonard Nimoy, Fringe has broken the mold and delivered its best season yet. That’s not even bringing into play the massive war between two Universes that is destroying both – and maybe leading to the death of a main character.
What’s Going to Happen? When we left off last episode, Peter (Joshua Jackson) was flung fifteen years forward into an apocalyptic future, Days of Future Past style. Will Peter have the chance to change things? Will the world(s) be different after this? Are there more worlds than just these two (I’m still holding out hope that we cliffhanger on a council of Walternates)? We have no idea what’s going to happen… And that’s what makes this finale so exciting.



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