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Joel Wyman tweets about Peter and Olivia

So S3 was more of Olivia centric, Will S4 be Peter centric?

@JCKLost I think it’s safe to say, there is a lot of story to be told for both of them. 

i’m just really curious to know if peter and olivia are gonna talk again about the man that’s gonna kill her
@spy_barbie It’s there for a reason. You’ll see.
I loved the fact that Olivia’s abilities seemed to be connected to Peter being around her. like they complement each other. right?
@spy_barbie Right. ; )
will the man from Olivia’s mind (in LSD) appear in the next episode ? because she’s really concerned bout it,hun? haha
@gabriel_rezende She’s ready for him and accepts whatever fight coming her way. You’ll have to watch.

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