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New Fringe finale spoiler by EW

Since it has been renewed (Thank you!), can we assume that Fringe will go out with a bang? And by ‘bang’, I of course mean a cliffhanger so perpetually mind-blowing it will make even the casual watchers cry themselves to sleep. — Quincy
You better believe Fringe is going out with a bang. In a conference call with reporters yesterday, I asked (and in doing so, shared my wisdom with a room of reporters…you’re welcome) creators Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman about two rumors in the Fringe-verse: 1) Will a beloved character die? 2) Will there be a third world introduced? Turns out half was true. “Somebody who we all love deeply will die, but we’re not introducing a third world. There’s our world and then there’s the world where Peter was taken from when he was an 8-year-old. We still have plenty of story to tell just in those two worlds,” said Pinkner. “Maybe at some point in the future there will be a third world, but not yet.”

The Fringe honchos also guaranteed the safety of the altverse world – maybe not all of its characters, but the world itself. anyway.  “It’s not going to end. That’s our plan to go forward. It’s part of the language for the series now,” Wyman said. “We can promise that it’s going to be even more compelling, and we’re going to develop those characters even more and we’re going to see our characters through their eyes and their characters through our eyes. It will definitely dimensionalize further.”



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