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New Fringe Spoiler (EW)

What can you tell me about the new agent coming to Fringe? I heard she’s going to be played by Emily Meade from Boardwalk. — Ryan
Right you are. The agent is scheduled to make her debut in the season finale, and executive producer Joel H. Wyman tells me her character will have a deeper meaning than a simple rookie agent. “We try and expand our storytelling week to week to a way that we are able to tell, I guess, deeper stories about our main characters. So many of the guest stars that come on are there to do one main thing and that’s to reflect back on our main characters and to learn more about them and sort of uncover more aspects of their personality and deepen them for the viewer. That character will definitely be there to do that,” Wyman tells EW. As for rumors that the new agent will be recurring, the EP says that’s more of a safety net. “We always protect ourselves by saying that because you never know. When we used Seth Gable, for instance, he turned out to be so great. And it’s just those little discoveries that you’re like ‘Wow, you never know.’ We always like to just know that we’re covered, should it go great.”



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