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Fringe “Bloodline” Recap: Didn’t See That Coming (Gather)

Last night’s episode of Fringe is one that is not to be missed. Taking place in the alternate universe, the episode was an edge-of-your-seat thrill ride. Really, it will make you jump in spots, and utter “WTF!” in others.

The episode focuses on the pregnancy of Fauxlivia. She is kidnapped by hired thugs and drugged into a stupor, waking to find herself strapped to a gurney.The people who kidnapped her have injected her with drugs to accelerate her pregnancy, causing her to go into labor. The fetus has come to full term in a matter of hours, and is ready to be born.

The problem is, Fauxlivia has been diagnosed with the same rare pre-eclampsia disorder that killed her sister during childbirth. Her FBI partners rush to find her before she dies, at the bidding of Walternate, who does not want anything bad to become of his grandchild.

Does Fauxlivia die? Of course not. Will she learn who was behind her kidnapping and subsequent early birth?  Will Peter find out he is a Daddy? Time will tell.

Fringe is off for the next few weeks, to return with the last four episodes of the season in April . The good news for fans is that the show has been renewed for a fourth season.



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