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New Fringe Spoiler (EW)

Full disclosure: I was originally going to preview tonight’s episode of Fringe for you, but honestly, I’m in such a pleasant mood over the renewal that I say we move on to bigger matters, like episode 19, airing April 15.

Before the big news, Jeff Pinkner and Joel H. Wyman hopped on the phone with me to tease an episode I’ve been dying to know more about ever since I heard a rumor that it would be Astrid-centered, which, it turns out, isn’t entirely the case. Oh, I’ll just let them explain.

JP: It’s kind of nutty and adventurous and really fun and emotional and character driven storytelling but…
JW: Just in a way you wouldn’t expect.
EW: Well John Nobel said at a convention, I think, that the core three are incapacitated in some way…
JP: [laughs] He’s a very clever man. They are incapacitated in some way. And yet we still follow their story.
EW: That’s a mean tease.
JP: It’s a very trippy episode.
EW: That’s a fair thing to say about most Fringe episodes.
JP: This one, more than some others.
JW: You know how “Brown Betty” was sort of a departure? It’s kind of like that.
EW: Whoa.
JP: Minus the singing.
JW: No singing, no.

Bonus scoop for those of you dying to know more about tonight’s episode: There’s not much I can tell you other than this quote from executive producer Jeff Pinkner. “It will take place back with Bolivia and some very monumental life experiences occur.” Cool? Cool.


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