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The 10 Best Shows In HDTV Of All Time!

#6: The Pacific (HBO)

The 10-part miniseries, which aired in 2010, featured the grunts who helped the Allies win World War II in the Pacific theater. In high-def, the show’s candid images and fear-inducing sound effects put you in the middle of the battle. Watched on a Home Theater system, it felt like the bombs were bursting around you, or worse.

And the show’s excellent cast, from James Badge Dale to Jon Seda to Fringe’s Anna Torv (in a memorable cameo role) was featured beautifully in high-def as they struggled to cope with the madness that surrounded them. You could see the conflict and tension in the actors’ faces in each scene, bringing home the inner turmoil of not knowing if your next day would be your last.



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