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Fringe 3.18 Bloodline – A matter of Life and Death

Fringe has been giving Anna Torv an acting working out lately. After tasking the Emmy-deserving actress with channeling the spirit of Leonard Nimoy’s William Bell via FBI agent Olivia Dunham over the past couple episodes (a very credible Old Spock croak, I think), the ratings-challenged Fox series will be making her go Pregnant Fauxlivia on us again in Friday’s new episode, set within the “over there” parallel world. EW has scored the first look at a new movie-style trailer for “Bloodline” created by the network’s hard-workin’ promo department. The first half of the spot recaps the Peter/Olivia/Fauxlivia love triangle from Fauxlivia’s perspective. The second half of the spot is full of intriguing, ominous images from the episode. Looks to me like Walternate’s machinations for both Peter and his gestating grandson are about to make Fauxlivia’s life more complex – and scary — than it already is. Parse the rush of cryptic bits (like that shot of Walternate with a time stamp on it) and theorize the significance. Go! 



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