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Ask Matt – Anna and Bellivia

Question: Just wanted to give two big thumbs up to Anna Torv’s “channeling” of Leonard Nimoy (as William Bell) in Friday’s episode of Fringe. I could have watched her do that for two hours instead of just one. From the graveled hoarseness in her voice to the arching of her eyebrow, she had Leonard down pat. I have no idea if Leonard Nimoy would have watched this impersonation of him, but I hope if he did, he appreciated it as much as the rest of the Fringe fans. This reminded me of what David Duchovny did on The X-Files in the “Small Potatoes” episode where he had to behave like the little shape-shifting guy Eddie Van Blundht trying to masquerade as Mulder. Granted a little more complex role, but nonetheless the same kind of quirkiness that made The X-Files such a treat to watch, and Fringe can do the same (as does Supernatural). Of course Anna Torv does a great job throughout the series being her alternate Olivia, but this was a step above. Keep up the good work, Anna. — JG

Matt Roush: Wasn’t she great? I especially got a kick out of the more playful moments: Bell-Livia remarking on how binding a bra was, or creeping Astrid out with her/his flirting. And the final moment, when the church bells brought the dormant Olivia back to the surface for a fleeting panicked moment, was just chilling. In the first season of Fringe, I found Anna Torv’s performance the show’s greatest liability. This season, with her pulling double duty as Alt-livia in the parallel world and now this inspired twist, she’s among its greatest assets. Nicely played indeed. And comparisons to The X-Files are very apt these days. Fringe is that good.



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