You will get all the latest news, pics and much more about Anna Torv here. Enjoy your stay and keep checking back.

J H Wyman tweets about Anna

About Anna’s William Bell voice:

@danbakes Anna came up with the voice on her own. The entire take on “Bellivia” on her own. She never ceases to amaze.

@crazycastlefrek She did it all herself. She rocks.

@OliviaDunham14 Anna did it all on her own. Incredible.

About Anna trending on Twitter: @runpaceyrun @JPFRINGE Pretty insane. Thanks FRINGEDOM!!!!

About Anna’s acting for next season: @sadpixels @TVOnMyTerms @JPFringe She’s a lot tougher than you think. ; )

About Anna getting on Twitter: @Fringeship You know, she is in almost EVERY shot, and works incredibly long hours.

About Anna’s acting: @floweringss I am asking myself the same thing. She really is breathtaking.

@crazycastlefrek Seriously. Talent.

About Anna deserving an Emmy: @floweringss lol. : ) I agree that’s how it should be.

About Olivia: @xerophytes She’s tough. She’s tough.

About Peter and Olivia: @runpaceyrun Stay tuned. Good stuff coming up.


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