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Seth Gabel previews ‘our’ Lincoln (Olivia mentioned)

So far, we’ve only seen the “over there” version of Seth Gabel’s Fringe Division badass, Lincoln Lee. But on next Friday’s Fringe, he debuts as this universe’s Lee and fans are in for a world of differences!

TV Guide Magazine: You realize fans love you, right? We want a Lincoln spin-off.
Gabel: Really? That would be amazing!

TV Guide Magazine: Well, he’s so cool.
Gabel: I thought I would look like such a doofus holding a gun. It took me seeing that first “over there” episode to feel like, ‘ok, I don’t look like a fool.” They tried really hard. We spent hours trying to figure out how to make me look like a scary intimidating person. [Laughs]

TV Guide Magazine: You’re not an action guy?
Gabel: Not at all. I was so scared that I wouldn’t pull it off. Once I saw myself being a scientist-slash-FBI hero, I felt more confident and relaxed.

TV Guide Magazine: So who is this Lincoln?
Gabel: He’s in the FBI, but has no idea about Fringe Division. He’s more of a desk jockey [who] eventually comes to believe there is much more than reality suggests.

TV Guide Magazine: Is he anything like alt-Lincoln?
Gabel: In his nature, he’s kind of the same person, but raised under different circumstances. What’s so fun about the doppelgangers is that you get to address the question of nature-vs-nurture. Because our doppelgangers are born typically into the same situations, but what happens to them after that is just slightly different. There’s a butterfly effect and you get to see who that person becomes a completely different person. In Lincoln’s case, Peter was in the world over here and became what Lincoln would have become… So Lincoln has been off doing something else and accidentally bumps into these people, which raises the question about fate and destiny. Are there certain people you’re karmically intertwined with?

TV Guide Magazine: “Over there,” Lincoln is so obviously in love with Bolivia.
Gabel: Yeah. And that evolves as the season goes on as well.

TV Guide Magazine: Does this world’s version fall for Olivia, too?
Gabel: There’s something very interesting about Olivia that I can’t discuss. She should recognize him [from] the other universe, but something happens and things are a little different in this episode. I actually team up more with Peter, which is cool because I’ve never really worked with Josh Jackson. We end up getting this partner-crush on each other because we like solving these scientific mysteries together and we really hit it off. I don’t get to spend a lot of time with Olivia, but given more time. I wonder of those feelings can bleed across universes.

TV Guide Magazine: Will we see more of Lincoln over here?
Gabel: They certainly set it up. They create room for two Lincolns to exist, which I am thrilled about.

TV Guide Magazine: Which Lincoln are you most like?
Gabel: The over here Lincoln is more like me because I feel more like a nerd who is just realizing that there is more potential there. [Laughs]

TV Guide Magazine: Any advice from your wife Bryce Dallas Howard’s father, Ron Howard?
Gabel: He gives me great advice all the time, but the whole family is just so authentic and good… The best advice has been seeing how you can be a good person, work hard, and be rewarded for your effort.


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