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Latest from EW (Spoiler)

Hardcore Fringe fans will agree that season 2′s “Peter” was hands up, down, and all-around one of the best hours of the series. The great news is that tonight’s follow-up episode, “Subject 13″ (which references the test subject number assigned to young Olivia), will rank right up there with it. Why? The episode focuses on young Peter coming to grips with his removal from the other side. (Of course, he doesn’t know that’s what happened, but he knows something is amiss.) And for those who hold a special place in their heart for John Noble/Walter, prepare to become completely infatuated with the golden-hearted character, especially when he takes a stand for Olivia.
The best scene by far tonight takes place in a field of tulips with young Peter and young Olivia. If you don’t tear up during this beautifully shot scene, I suggest you cross over and find the version of yourself with a soul!



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