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Recap and Review of ‘Fringe’ “6B”: Worlds collide

Tension has been mounting on Fringe lately–and not just in regards to Friday ratings. On season three, episode 14, “6B,” Peter and Olivia work out their feelings while investigating a possible tear in their universe. The episode aired on February 18, 2011 on Chicago’s FOX channel 32. 

Viewers knew it was inevitable. The ‘other side’ has been sealing vortexes on their side ever since Walter (John Noble) took Peter (Joshua Jackson) years ago. Now, this side might be resorting to the same tactics, something that greatly upsets Walter.

Summary of Fringe “6B”

Tenants of the Rosencrantz building think their apartments are haunted. Yet, Walter knows better; the laws of physics are disrupted, all because Mrs. Merchant (Phyllis Somerville) is receiving “visits” from her dead husband Derek (Ken Pogue). She’s seeing the other side, due to quantum entanglement. Two objects are interacting, even at a great distance, because of their emotional attachment to one another.
This storyline is exactly what Olivia (Anna Torv) needed to see. In the beginning of Fringe “6B,” she still seems incapable of forgiving and trusting Peter. Yet, when Walter is ready to press the button–and release the sealing liquid–Peter gives it one more shot. He tells Mrs. Merchant: “You’ve already had what some of us have only dreamed of.” In turn, Peter saves the building, and Walter from making a decision he didn’t want to make.
Peter also helped Olivia see what she’s missing by giving in to fear. She makes a decision; she wants what Peter wants. The two finally share a kiss and head upstairs.
Yet, danger still lingers. “Today was a vision of things to come,” Walter ominously portends.
Review of Fringe “6B”
This episode again demonstrated that this FOX sci-fi drama knows how to seamlessly intertwine the overall season plot with single-episode cases. Not only did Olivia and Peter–finally–come together, but the show pushed forward the implications of Walter’s decision so long ago.
Season three will continue to explore those implications in the next episode, Subject 13. Fringe will take a look back not only at the experiments Walter put Olivia through, but also how she met Peter. Their relationship wasn’t an accident, which, considering the elaborate story lines, doesn’t come as a surprise. But what will happen when Peter finds out he’s having a child with Faux-livia?

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