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Rise in ratings for Fringe

Fringe fans can relax – a little. After two weeks of ratings decline the quirky Fox drama starring Joshua Jackson saw ratings rise. It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster ride for fans of Fringe since it moved to Friday evenings in January. Many feared the series would go the way of Firefly and Dollhouse – to the graveyard – but Fringe’s first two weeks offered fans hope as ratings held steady. Then came two weeks of ratings falls with figures going below 4 million mark and talk of cancellation once again rearing its head.

In the week when Joshua Jackson urged fans to campaign now to save the series there’s been a beam of light – ratings have risen. Friday evening’s edition of Fringe saw ratings rise above the 4 million mark with 4.1 million viewers and 1.5 in the18 – 49 demo. Now that’s still not as good as the 1.9 rating in the same demo for the first two January episodes but it’s a step in the right direction.



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