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Rumor: Birth scene being filmed on Fringe?

While we may be smack dab in the middle of season three of Fringe with the altiverse in full swing and Olivias all over the place, but there is sure to be even more weirdness going on.

Via SpoilerTV, they reported a tweet by someone that may have a bit of an inside track to Fringe which is filming new episodes as we speak. The tweet was…odd to say the least but there have been a few things this season that could lead us to believe this is truly happening soon on the show.

The tweet comes from someone named Emily who owns the Twitter account of @Sleepysheepie so please take this next bit of info with a grain of salt.

@Naficeh If you have time, Fringe is filming in Chinatown tomorrow night. Bolivia is giving birth inside one of the shops.

She later goes on to say that they’ll be setting up all day and shooting some time after 6 PM. Could there be a freakish altiverse baby on the way for the team on Fringe? Only time will tell and nothing should really be surprising to us anymore.



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