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Fringe Fans, where’d you go?!

Here is an awesome article by TV Overmind:

So you’re complacent.

You’re a fan of Fringe. You were one of those loyal five million or so who followed the series over its timeslot jump and continued watching it on Friday. You stuck around for “The Firefly,” “Reciprocity,” and “Concentrate and Ask Again.”

But then what happened? Did you think that you could just miss a week and no one would notice? You did your part, you thought, and the rest was up to FOX, right? Or was The Super Bowl’s Greatest Commercials just too enticing of a program for you?

Well, we noticed you didn’t tune in. That’s right — I’m looking at you, the half million viewers who just decided that they would miss out on an episode of Fringe during its most critical ratings stage yet. Was it the episode title, “Immortality,” that threw you? Or was it the fact that you just don’t like Alternate Olivia? There are a million excuses, mister, and we’re not taking any of them.

“Concentrate and Ask Again,” had been the series low in terms of total viewership, but this week you guys really knocked Fringe down a big, BIG notch. That episodes 4.26 million is a welcome figure after the numbers came in for “Immortality.” Does 3.74 million sound renewal worthy to you? Does it?

Do you think FOX thinks that’s renewal worthy? I bet they don’t. And if that kind of number sticks around — or, God forbid, that decline continues — we’ll never find out which universe Peter chooses to save. And you’ll have no one to blame but yourselves at this point. Didn’t think I would say this, but FOX has done their job. Fringe Fridays were very close to being a success. But then you came along — or, rather, went away — and ruined it.

Why am I so vehement that Fringe be saved, you ask? Well, it’s one of the few really smart shows remaining on network television. It’s rare that you get to see a complex story played out so intricately (on FOX, no less). When Fringe goes, the rest are sure to go — and it would quite possibly negatively affect the TV landscape forever.

So don’t slack off again. Get on the damn ball. Supernatural can make it a week without you. Fringe doesn’t have that luxury.

Better be seeing you on Friday for the episode “6B.”

(For those of you who found time in your busy schedules to show up on Friday night, spread the word about your love of this show. We need you now more than ever!)


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