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New Spoiler by Kristin – February 15

Kelly in Philadelphia: Is there anything fans of our Olivia and Peter to look forward to on Fringe?
Oh, yes. For one thing, executive producer J.H. Wyman says that when Olivia finds out that Fauxlivia is pregnant, “It will not unfold in a way that I think is traditional…I think that people should be prepared for that.” And for another thing, our Olivia will soon learn that Peter has been assassinating shapeshifters and why. According to Wyman, “Peter let go of a certain amount of control in his life to be a part of this family…and then realized he’s in the nucleus of this entire thing that’s happening. He doesn’t have any answers, and this season was always going to be a season about self-actualization for a lot of the characters. So this is the beginning of those steps.” If you ask us, the reason Peter’s getting all proactive is to protect the family he’s established with Walter, Olivia, et al., and we love it!



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