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Jasika Nicole talks about Astrid/Olivia friendship

SG: Were you happy you got to be involved in Peter and Olivia talking about Other Olivia, give advice and be a shoulder to cry on?

JN: I loved that scene and actually, after we did the scene, they said, “Oh yeah, we’re going to put in a lot more Astrid/Olivia scenes.” Which I haven’t seen yet but it’s only 15 but it makes sense for the two female characters who work with each other to have some kind of a bond. It hasn’t ever been established before so I’m hoping that there will be more of that because Olivia’s kind of freaking out right now. As well she should be. She’s been through more traumatic situations than anybody can count on a hand. And Astrid, that’s her job, at least in this universe. Her job is to be the confidante to everybody. My ideas is that in 20 years she’s going to write a memoir. She’s going to tell everybody’s secrets because Walter talks to her, Peter talks to her, Olivia talks to her. She’s got all the juicy gossip.

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