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Ask Matt – February 14 (Spoiler)

Question: I love Fringe because it is great escapism, it is the only show to come close to filling the void The X-Files left and because John Noble is delightfully enjoyable to watch as Walter Bishop. However, the Fringe science on the show is more believable then Peter having more than platonic feeling for blond Olivia. Do you think the two have genuine sexual chemistry? A whole dimension’s survival hinges on which Olivia Peter will choose. I thought John Scott was Olivia’s true love. Human Target aside, why do you think it has never been brought up that there is another John Scott on the other side? How much longer do you think the show will continue with the two dimensions? Why are the producers making the show about a love triangle? It seems like it will shorten the life of the show. I hate “bug” episodes of any show, so it is a testament to how good Fringe is that I am still looking forward to the next episode. Love your insight regarding the shows. — Susan

Matt Roush: I’m loving where they’ve taken Fringe this season, and if the serial aspects work against it being a bigger hit, well, that ship has pretty much sailed. The dual universe story seems built into Fringe’s DNA, so while I haven’t a clue about what game-changing note they’re planning to end with this season, I don’t imagine it will ever go away entirely. And I’m not sure about sexual chemistry, but Peter and Olivia certainly have an emotional bond that I find credible — especially in these last few episodes. Her pain when Peter brought her coffee the way Faux-livia likes it? Ouch. And I totally bought Peter hooking up with the more sexually aggressive (and purposefully seductive) Faux-livia in the first part of the season, because as he told Our Olivia, he felt at the time as if he was turning her into someone new. It’s the most twisted love triangle imaginable, and that’s perfect for a show like this. Regarding John Scott: Besides the obvious reasons — the actor was otherwise engaged, and maybe it would be just a little tricky to bring the guy back after his real-life relationship with the show’s star ended — I figure the two words aren’t exact parallels of each other. Where’s the real world version of Faux-livia’s beau Frank or newly minted team leader Lincoln? But I hear you on the “bug”-show thing. I could barely watch some of those scenes. In a good way.



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