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Fringe Recap: Season 3, Episode 3.13 “Immortality” – Was it a Shocker?

In its third season, Fringe has definitely set a place for itself in T.V. land. On Friday night’s episode “Immortality,” other Olivia discovers a game-changing shocker that ultimately puts Peter to the test, which Olivia will he choose? Which world will he save?

“Immortality” takes place in the alternate universe. Other Olivia is back at work, attempting to adjust to life as she knew it before crossing over to Olivia’s universe. Unfortunately, she’s haunted by the one man she was sent to get, Peter.

Their passionate affair still lingers in other Olivia’s mind despite her efforts to move forward by accepting a marriage proposal by her boyfriend. Meanwhile, the Fringe team comes across a bizarre case of beetles that had supposedly died out a decade ago.

The resurgence of the insects has the other world Fringe team tracking the source and they locate it to a warehouse. There, Dr. Anton Silva is discovered. He already committed two deaths in the pursuit of his research.

As the Fringe team locks on his location, other Olivia steps into a trap and comes crashing down into Dr. Anton’s lab. She awakens as he feeds her water. A moment later, other Olivia realizes that he may have given her a concoction with the beetles.

Other Olivia’s fiancé gets there and rushes her off to the hospital. In the ambulance, he gives her an ultrasound to detect if there are beetles inside of her and discovers that she is pregnant.

Of course, he leaves her at the hospital after she reveals that she’s six weeks pregnant! What a shocker, or was it? So, what will happen now?

Peter can’t destroy other Olivia’s world because he now has a baby. Olivia is going to face an uphill battle to win Peter over. Unfortunately, she seems to be wallowing in the pain of Peter’s relationship so will she eventually push Peter into other Olivia’s arms? What will happen to Olivia’s universe? Which Olivia are you rooting for?


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