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Fringe: How will Altlivia’s baby change things?

It was the plot twist we all saw coming. It’d been rumored through the spoiler-blogosphere for some time, as well as hinted at in the show itself (remember what September said to Peter in “The Firefly?”). So it wasn’t any surprise to me when they revealed that Altlivia was pregnant, despite the somewhat nonsensical way in which it was revealed. In fact, it kind of disappointed me that the rumors did turn out to be true. However, I do trust the Fringe writers and that the journey they take us on will be satisfying. But what exactly does this baby mean?

Well, first of all, it’s part of what has to happen from a practical story standpoint: we have to get the story to a point of no hope. After Sam Weiss’s revelation last week that the universe containing Peter’s love will be safe, the show almost instantaneously began setting up that our universe won’t make the final cut. There was that slip of paper that said “He still has feelings for her,” and this week, there’s the baby that Peter doesn’t yet know about. The night is darkest just before the dawn — and I bet it’s going to get a whole lot darker.

Peter will probably find out about the baby toward the climax of the season, right as he’s faced with that horrible decision. Hell, Peter might even decide to save the other universe and to let ours die — though of course, ours would be saved somehow.

But the thing that the show has almost guaranteed now is that whichever universe the pregnant Altlivia is in, that’s the universe that won’t bite the bullet (I think that neither will, but the one she occupies is doubly safe). After all, this is network television, and I just don’t think Fringe would kill an unborn child and its mother — especially two so integral to the series. I would only fear for the destruction of the universe if Altlivia crosses back over here — I don’t think Fringe writers would have many qualms about destroying Walternate and the gang without Altlivia’s presence.

If you’ve been missing my weekly ramblings about Fringe, don’t worry — I’ll be back to reviewing Fringe in two weeks for the episode “Subject 13.” If you’re wondering who this Nadine Ramsden person is, she’s the newest addition to TVOvermind’s writing staff, and will be splitting Fringe reviews with me. I’m really enjoying reading her opinions on the show, and I hope you are, too.

Fringe‘s next episode, “6B,” airs February 18 on FOX.



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