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Lots of surprises left in the remaining season three episodes of Fringe

The altiverse (alternate universe for those not in the know) has consumed much of this season of Fringe so far, and one might it expect it to continue doing so. While it will still play a large part for the remaining 10 episodes in season three, there is a lot more on the way as well.

Oh, let’s not forget “The Machine” as well, but even that won’t be our main focus as executive producer Jeff Pinkner told TVLine.

“We’re full of wrinkles. We’re like a pair of corduroy pants.”

Not a bad analogy and also very intriguing. One of those wrinkles will come at the end of tonight’s episode which happens to be set in the altiverse. Going further though, Pinker and J.H. Wyman, another executive producer of Fringe, state that things will get even more intricate as season three draws to a close.

“Largely this season has been about the march to war, and it will continue to be so, driven equally by the relationship of Peter and the two Olivias,” Pinkner notes. “But we’ve got more stuff coming.”

Adds Wyman, “We can definitely guarantee that the last stretch [of episodes] is going to be very complicated, because you’re going to understand our show in a different capacity. It’s going to stretch your mind and make you think, ‘I never saw that coming.’”

I don’t know about you, but the “two Olivias” storyline has actually turned into one of my favorites. Yet it’s still fun to have surprises thrown into the mix.

“We have a few cards to lay down that I don’t think anybody expects,” Wyman teases. “That’s what we feel we owe the fans.”

Compelling how Wyman states that they feel they “owe” the fans. If anything, it’s us who owe them. That especially holds true as they have done nothing but deliver the goods even more so since Fringe moved to the so-called “dreaded” Friday night time slot. Yet the series has flourished in its new home and is building toward an exciting season four.

The series three finale in May “will be as much as anything about setting up next season,” says Pinkner. Wyman adds, “It’s like when you read a great novel and you finish a chapter, you’re like, ‘Oh my gosh, something happened that’s going to propel me forward!’ That’s something we desire to emulate.”



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