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FRINGE Recap: ‘Immortality’ (GMMR)

When FRINGE executive producer Jeff Pinkner teased that tonight’s episode was about parasites — only one of which is a bug — he wasn’t kidding, was he?

Yes, there were bugs being hatched so one scientist could achieve immortality from his research, but I think we can all agree the most important “parasite” is Altliv’s unborn kid.

Holy. Crap.

Look, this isn’t entirely a surprise. When the Observer told Peter, “It must be very difficult…being a father,” we all wondered if this could be the case, right? Anna Torv (Olivia) didn’t help those rumors die down when she and I chatted last week.

But suspecting something and having it actually play out on our screens are two different things. Now we know for sure that Altlivia is pregnant with Peter’s kid.

I do have to give major props to the FRINGE writers for immediately letting Altlivia’s fiance realize he isn’t the baby daddy. I figured if Altlivia was pregnant, Frank would think it was his kid and she would willingly go along with that lie, seeing as it’s easier than the truth. But he confronted her, she told him when she conceived and Frank’s only question was if Altlivia loved her baby’s father. Um, I think we’d all like to know the answer to that. It sure seems like she does.

However, the person who was arguably happiest about the news was Walternate. Earlier in the episode, he found himself unable to okay that the necessary experiments to further the research into our Olivia’s unique brain chemistry because they would need to be conducted on kids. Apparently killing off adults was fine, but risking children was something even Walternate was not okay with.

I actually felt bad for Walternate this episode. He clearly misses his son. As much as I adore — and prefer — our Walter, when he lost his first son, he gained another. This Walternate has lost everything. He needed to find something to bring his Peter home and away from the perceived pull of our Olivia. Luckily for him, he found out about Altlivia’s pregnancy.

How amazingly creepy was Walternate’s smile when he went to Altlivia’s home to talk to her about his unborn grandkid? John Noble, you are a rock star.



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