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‘Fringe’ ‘Immortality’: Preview From the Other Side (Spoiler)

This week, Fringe fans get the opportunity to delve back into the alternate universe to catch up with Fauxlivia, Walternate and the rest of the other worldly characters. Expect some serious creepiness this week, especially if you detest bugs crawling on you.

It seems that someone on the other side has obtained a  slew of crawly critters that eats their way out of its victims. Major “Ick” factor.  While this premise has been used to death in B-movies for years, how the Fringe team deals with it will be undoubtedly unique.

According to the previews, which can be seen on, Fauxlivia may become infected, or perhaps infested, herself. The team over there is also said to be floundering because they do not have their fearless leader, Broyles. Remember, their Broyles died helping the real Olivia cross back over to our side. Luckily, we still have ours.

Will Peter cross over to save his lady love, or will Fauxlivia be no more? If he does cross over, will the real Olivia be able to handle the pain?  She is most definitely hurting from reading the note which read, “He still has feelings for her.”

The question is, was the psychic writing about Peter? The blogosphere is hoping that note is a red herring, and that he was referring to either Walter, or maybe even  William Bell. Yeah, Bell’s dead, but when did that stop Fringe from anything?



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