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Director Brad Anderson previews Immortality (Spoiler)

In case you didn’t notice, one of the most horrific shows on network TV is Fox’s FRINGE, which airs Fridays at 9 p.m. This week is no exception and finds indie filmmaker Brad Anderson (THE MACHINIST, SESSION 9, MASTERS OF HORROR) back in the director’s chair of the J.J. Abrams co-created series. See below for an exclusive clip of FRINGE vet Anderson talking about Friday’s IMMORTALITY, plus a synopsis.

In season three’s episode 13, written by David Wilcox & Ethan Gross, the story again takes place in that slightly off-kilter and darker alternate universe. The death of Colonel Broyles (Lance Reddick) shifts the dynamic of the Fringe Team as they investigate a nefarious bioterrorist armed with an insect that has a taste for human flesh. Meanwhile, alternate Olivia (Anna Torv) is reunited with her former main squeeze, and Walternate (John Noble) remains determined to save his world but soon discovers there are certain lines even he won’t cross. TWIN PEAKS’s Joan Chen guest stars. In our interview with Anderson, the director chats about some of the gnarlier elements of “Immortality”. You can watch the video here


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