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>Fringe Live+3 Adults 18-49 Down 11% on second Friday

>While the Live+SD viewing held steady last Friday, the latest live plus three program ratings showed Fringe’s episode last Friday added .5 of an adults 18-49 rating point with three days of DVR viewing for a 2.4 Live+3 adults 18-49 rating.  That’s down 11% from the 2.7 Live+3 for the Friday premiere.
I wouldn’t make anything of it.  Some of the DVR viewing could’ve shifted later in the week — we won’t know until we see the Live+7 reporting and unfortunately even the first Friday’s Live+7 data won’t be available until this coming Monday and the second Friday a week later.
The Live+7 and Live+3 numbers are good for PR and perhaps given some consideration for shows on the bubble, but as a Fringe fan I’ll gladly trade off decreased Live+3 ratings for steady Live+SD ratings.



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