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>Fringe Fans Fantastic Friday Firefly Fun! Far From Faux, Fox?

>Whether over here, or over there in the land of “look, we have zeppelins in our alternate universe too, just like ‘Dr. Who,’” it was never in doubt that Fringe Fridays would be fantastic for TV by the Numbers. I haven’t read any of the comments in the Friday overnight post yet, but I don’t need any special 3D glasses to read the aura of those comments. As far as ‘Fringe’s’ ratings in its Friday premiere those comments surely shake out into two camps:


2: Don’t get ahead of yourselves, it was the Friday premiere. ‘Supernatural’ was in repeats and so was ‘CSI: New York.’

Even if you use Olympic comment scoring to throw out both the extreme fan boys and the haters, both points of view and everything in between are valid. For us, that’s a perfect storm.

‘Fringe’ goes back on the bubble, which is a heck of a lot better place to be than “likely to be canceled-ville.” At a 1.9 adults 18-49 rating on Friday, ‘Fringe’ is likely to be renewed, but the coming weeks will tell the tale. For ‘Fringe; fans last night’s news as all good:
it maintained 100% of its Thursday average on a Friday
the half hours were very consistent (i.e., most people didn’t look-in for 10 minutes and then bolt)

CW and CBS being in repeats at 9pm isn’t a negative, it’s merely an unknown. We’ll know soon enough.

Next week will certainly be more telling. ‘CSI: NY’ is still a repeat, but ‘Supernatural’ is new. The following week (2/4), everything is new, but CBS is running ‘Super Bowl’s Greatest Commercials’ at 9pm.



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