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>Trimming the Fringe of January TV

>January means that the NFL playoffs are over and we can get ABC to the most important focus at hand: Trying to sit on the couch and watch good TV.

Fringe is back this month, thank god. The strangest thing to hit TV this year continues to roll on and at this point, we can’t get any stranger after Leonard Nimoy, multiple dimensions and Joshua Jackson doing his better-than-Keanu look of confusion.

Weird stuff is hard to play straight and even harder to make it feel like it’s normal on TV. Some sci-fi shows turn into pantomime within the first few episodes. Other folks just simply turn up the camp knob from the word go and run with it… I’m looking at you, NBC.

To ride the weird stuff line is an art. Lost did it pretty much up to their last season, and now Fringe, three seasons in, is hitting its mark perfectly.

The script writing remains impeccable, the actors are nailing it — it’s the sort of thing that may actually help the show break the Friday night slot of death curse that has haunted so many shows that get bumped around like Fringe has.



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