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>Fringe Vs Supernatural

>This just got real.  Fans are already going back and forth about the looming Supernatural and Fringe showdown – the truth is, most fans love both – but FOX Prez may have just introduced the first “Fighting Words” into the debate.  That’s right, Reilly has dissed Supernatural!  Or, did he?

When asked about going head to head with Supernatural at the FOX TCA panel this week, Reilly seemed to subtly snub TheCW’s uber popular fantasy/horror series by responding “Even in genre, that show is not a ratings powerhouse. By the way, is Supernatural on Friday? I’m not sure. Good to know. So, there’s your answer.”

Due to a much lower number of ‘potential’ viewers on TheCW, Supernatural could never post Fringe numbers but in terms of their respective market shares Supernatural creams Fringe hands down.  Put another way, if Supernatural were on FOX – it probably wouldn’t be moved to Friday.

One would expect Reilly, a network president, to be more aware of even the less potent competition in any given time slot;  let alone, like-minded competition with a tremendous loyalty to their show.  All of this raises one question:  was Reilly pulling our legs?

It could be Reilly was so dismissive of Supernatural because he knew that was what it would take to put the word ‘Fringe’ on the lips of every Sam and Dean loyalist that stays home on Friday nights.  Call me one of Pavlov’s dogs, but the notion that Reilly was serious in denigrating Supernatural no doubt has fans of either show pushing those very comments to the top of their news stream.

Regardless of whether Fringe or Supernatural take a bite out of their mutual live viewership, having both shows on Friday is a win win for fans of the bizarre and imaginative – and, an extra cardio cycle for DVR’s in both households.



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