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>Sci-Fi TV’s Top Action Heroines


Character: Agent Olivia Dunham
Played by: Anna Torv
Show: “Fringe
Why she’s awesome: It’s rare enough to have a strong woman in law enforcement as a show’s lead character — rarer still to have her encounter such a great deal of emotional turmoil without compromising her ability to do her job. In the show’s third season, Torv also became two Olivias: the original, and the “Fauxlivia” from a parallel universe. Each version of the character is awesome in her own way, and different enough that they really do seem like two different people.
Heroic highlight: Most everything in the “over there” world early in Season 3. “Our” Olivia is trapped there, and brainwashed to believe she’s the other one, but manages to keep herself … well … herself, and cleverly worms her way out of the clutches of evil Walternate and back where she belongs.

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